Hey, where did all my old posts go?

Well long story short, my site got hacked by a bot that was just trying to add spam to my site.  No information was taken, it just left my old site as if a tornado came through. After that, I decided to start a new site from scratch.

I could have held on to old post just to have content, but that seemed inauthentic.

After this fresh start (#thankshackerbot), blog posts are going to be a lot more helpful and inspiring.  I am going to put together some content to help you in your future sessions, and also in your daily lives.

Here are some of the things to look forward to:

  • My favorite locations for shoots
  • Why sessions shouldn’t be booked at 12:00
  • How to get the best photos with that camera in your pocket
  • Fun places to take your kids that also have great photo ops

What else can I help you with? Comment below for a topic you’d love for me to explore.