Seven Week Old

K. Sienk Photography-0626 K. Sienk Photography-0634 K. Sienk Photography-0640 K. Sienk Photography-0643 K. Sienk Photography-0652 K. Sienk Photography-0656 K. Sienk Photography-0602 K. Sienk Photography-0610 K. Sienk Photography-0663 K. Sienk Photography-0673 K. Sienk Photography-0675 K. Sienk Photography-0701 K. Sienk Photography-0699 K. Sienk Photography--3 K. Sienk Photography-0705 K. Sienk Photography-0710 K. Sienk Photography-0684

Check out this adorable seven week old!  She was a little fussy in the middle of the shoot, but with a little patience and a snack we were able to get some great images through the end of the shoot.

Count me in!
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