Not even laundry will get in my way!

I might not technically be a mom, but did give birth to something I hold close to my heart: K. Sienk Photography.

My business has taught me that I have the power to be happy doing what I love.  Who wouldn’t want to take pictures and edit photos of tinies at just 6 days old, or a 1 year old who is going to have a sugar crash shortly after I leave because he just had a cake smash session?  I am living the dream and have a career I love.

But this job isn’t all clicks and glamor.  It’s a business.  Behind the scenes ideas are constantly flowing about new ways I can help make the best portrait experience for you, from the first phone call to the delivery of their final products.   Big changes are coming to K. Sienk Photography!  It’s going to be all about providing you a personalized portrait experience from the very beginning and beyond.

Today, I am making a declaration.  By September 1st I will have unique new portrait products for you (and not even laundry will stand in my way)!


This goal is inspired by two things.  Wigs and a course put together by two incredible people, April & Mayi.

The first thing you might notice in the picture above is the pink hair.  Some of you don’t know that I happen to love wigs.  Most days they sit folded up happily in my bottom dresser drawer, but when I find an occasion to play dress up the wigs come out.  Just as I can express myself through wearing different wigs when the time is right, I want to help you express and celebrate the images from your portraits session.   My business is something that I take very seriously.  Myself on the other hand? If I have photographed your toddler or tiny you have probably heard me making silly sounds and equally entertaining expressions.

Secondly, that paper you see in my hands is from a course that April Bowles Olin & Mayi Carles put together to help busy business baronesses turn things around and go from busy to happy.  Taking part in this course will help me help you!  It hasn’t even started  yet, and the course has already inspired me to set a goal to make unique new products that you can only get from K. Sienk Photography.  If you are like me, and have lists, and ideas, and feel overwhelmed by al you want to accomplish in your business and/or life?  Check out April & Mayi’s course here:

Busy To Happy!

They might be able to help you out too.

Is there a product you’d love to get out of your next portrait session?  Let me know in the comments below.

Count me in!
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