Don’t Call it a Comeback, Albums have been here for years.

4 Grandmas
Look! It’s me and my four grandmas!

When I was young, I absolutely loved thumbing through old photo albums and seeing how my life once was.   Smiling as I saw pictures of myself dressed up for no reason other than I wanted to wear a costume that day, or photos of me as an infant with four of my grandmas.

Now those days of losing yourself in a photo album seem to be long gone.  Most people don’t print photos or create albums as we did decades ago.  They are all stored digitally on computers and tablets.  And even though those photos are just a few clicks away, seldom are they looked at like the cherished photo albums of our youth.

Let’s take a moment to pause and look at some of the images from my childhood that I used to love seeing when I thumbed through those old fashioned photo albums.  They are pretty presh.

k fish    2nd kim    Movie Star Kim

It’s time for photo albums to make a comeback!  

I’m starting the movement with a new product – The Heirloom Album.  This time around they are going to be in beautiful bound books with thick pages that stand up to being turned thousands of times.  Photos will be laid out in a classic, yet modern designs throughout the book to bring your images to the next level.  Your Heirloom Album can be something that you leave out on the coffee table to show off to your friends, or a leather-bound book that looks stunning on a shelf.   Year after year, your album can revisited to reminisce about just how tiny your little man used to be, or how precious and small your daughter once was snuggled in your arms.  When they have kids of their own, image how much your grandchild will love seeing pictures of their mom as sweet newborn.

Photo albums have never gone out of style; we have simply got caught up in the digital world.

In the past I have offered photo books, but now I am relaunching them with new designs, luxe covers, and thick, sturdy pages.

This is where you come in.  I am offering my new Heirloom Photo Albums at a ridiculously discounted price to my valued clients!  This deal can be used on ANY past session, or a combination of sessions

There are a wide range of options.  Leather covers in seven colors, linen covers in two colors, and two different types of photo covers.  Sizes ranging from a modest 8×8 to an impressive 12×12. Surely, there will be something that fits your needs.

If having an item like this is something you want to have for your own children to pass down to their children, you will get an incredible deal on your new family heirloom.  I am offering these albums to my awesome clients at just the manufacturing cost!  That means you will only pay for what it cost for the album to be produced.  It’s a deal too good to put in this post.   What it costs you does not include my time for designing the album, working with you to get your favorites images on each page, or even the time of photographing and editing your photos.  A deal like this will only come around once.

Once the Heirloom Albums are officially launched they will be offered starting at $375.  As a tester you’ll be saving a boatload!


Since I love my clients so much, the photo album will cost you the same as it would if you bought it yourself.  AND you don’t have to spend anytime trying to get the design right, resizing images, making sure everything looks cohesive or even putting in your payment and billing information.  Your time is valuable.  Think about the hours  you’ll be saving by letting me design and order your next family heirloom.

K. Sienk Photography-1-4So why am I doing this?  I want to offer products to my clients that they’ll love and cherish.  I’m confident that the Heirloom Album will be a keepsake all of my clients will love to have, but I need customer reviews, and photographs of the product for my site to help future clients see the value of the Heirloom Album.  Would you buy a product off of Amazon without a single review or photo?  Also, I am doing this because my clients mean a lot to me.  I truly value you business; you’re pretty awesome.

Your new photo album is something you can keep for yourself or give as a gift for the holidays.   Or order two! The deal doesn’t stop with one Heirloom Album; you are able to get a deal on more than just one one!  Get a big album for you, and a smaller one for Grandma.  Seeing the two size comparisons will help you know what size fits your needs best in the future.


Fill out the form at the end of the post, and we can continue the conversation on a personal level.  I’ll let you know the costs, and what the next steps will be to get your new family heirloom in your home before the holidays..  And if that is out of your budget, that’s okay.  You are not obligated to be a tester simply because you emailed me.  Just know that if are thinking about having an Heirloom Album designed and printed in the future through K. Sienk Photography, you will be paying at least 75% more!

Whoops!  Put another one of my old photos in there.  this one is from my first day of kindergarten.
Whoops! Put another one of my old photos in this post. This one is in front of the yellow house on my first day of kindergarten.

You’ll get to choose the type of cover you’d like, the size, and will approve the final design of the album.  I’ll work with you to make sure you favorite images are featured, and the design is to your liking.

All I ask of you is to write a review of the Heirloom Album, fill out a survey, or you could even do both!  Before you receive the album, I will take some photos showcasing the Heirloom Albums lovely details to use on my site, and show to future clients.  And it would also be really great if I could take a couple photographs of your new family heirloom in your own home.  That will only take about 5 minutes and can be done when I hand deliver the album to your door!

Still wondering if you should take advantage of this offer?  These are the types of people who would be great fit:

  • People who still have their digital images on the CD that is somewhere in a drawer or buried under paperwork on their desk.
  • People who used to love looking through photo albums, or if you still do!
  • People who want to create a family heirloom that their child can cherish as they get older
  • People who want to get a gift for grandma, and check one thing off your holiday shopping list early!
  • People who had the best intentions of creating a photo album from their session, but cannot find the time to design

And who should NOT take advantage of this offer?

  • People who have already made their own photo book that they are totally happy and in love with
  • People who don’t like coffee table books
  • People who are not a fan of photo albums.
  • People who already have their Holiday shopping done

K. Sienk Photography-3-2

Sizes, cover options, and the amount of discounted Heirloom Albums are limited.  SO HURRY!  Fill out the form below today to get the price and all the details.  Before you know it you’ll have a lovely luxe keepsake that you can cherish year after year.

With your help albums can make their comeback!  Well maybe we shouldn’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.

Fill out the form below to get all the information you need to be the tester, including the cost of your next family heirloom.

It’ll only take a moment…

your future grandchildren will thank you…

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