When should I book my newborn appointment?

The best time for newborns is in the first 14 days.  As we all know, babies are on their own schedule.  This makes it hard to plan an exact date for your tiny’s portraits.  What has worked out best for me and my clients is to have one of the parents let me know when their little one has finally made their appearance into the world and we can pick out a date over the next two weeks that will work out the best.

Do I really want maternity photos when I feel so big?

Yes!  If not for you, it is something your little one will cherish when they get older.  Though, you shouldn’t wait until your 38th week for photos.  My favorite time for maternity photos is 7 months.  The baby bump is a great size!

What are good ages to photograph my children?

They grow up so quickly.  In the first year the best milestones are newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months.  After that, it is great to capture them yearly around their birthday.

When should I schedule my holiday session?

The earlier the better!  Start thinking about scheduling your appointment in October.  As crazy as it might seem, time tends to slip away quickly after Halloween.  Not only is it a busy time for you, but it is also is for me.  Book your appointment early, so you get a convenient day, and also so you can have your holiday cards ready before it’s too late!

What should I wear to my session?

I love to catch families expressing themselves.  Where clothes that you are comfortable in.  A great idea is to stick to a color scheme.  Some things to stay away from are shirts with characters or writing on it.  Those are best for individual shoots of your little one.

My home is not exciting.  Are you sure we can create great images in my house?

Of corse!  Your house is unique just like you.  This is where you children are growing and memories are made.   If you still do not want to have you session in your home, we can go to a park nearby, or any outdoor setting.

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