Take better photos in 2016

Everyone carries a camera in their pockets these days. I believe that great photos can be taken by all, if they are taught the basics of photography.

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You’ll probably be able to easily tell from my site that I am a newborn and family photographer. My goal is to grow beyond just being a photographer. I want to use my photography knowledge to help teach you the basics of photography. Whether you simply want more double taps on the ol’ you, you want to learn how to take photos for your blog, or if you yearn to take better photos of your little ones in their first year.  

Are you overwhelmed with all the images take? 

Do you have a camera that’s collecting dust because you don’t know how to use it? 

Do you wish you could take better photos the first time so you didn’t have to scroll for minutes through your camera roll to find that photo ?

I can help.

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